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LP'er - B. Cool-Aid (Pink Siifu & Ahwlee) - BRWN, LP


B. Cool-Aid (Pink Siifu & Ahwlee) - BRWN, LP

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B. Cool-Aid is a duo group made up of producer Ahwlee and vocalist Pink Siifu. They released their first album last September '17, entitled BRWN via Akashik Records. Together the group focuses on the divinity and beauty of blackness in every area and aspect to bring forth full embracement. The mixture of culture that comes with being in Amerikkka and difficulties that come with being black in Amerikkka. Embracing the roots we come from and also the land. The mission is knowledge of self with love, to embrace, and to understand a new perspective of what we all have seen, lived, or been raised up under.

Selskab: Akashik Records
Release: 2021

1 Brwn. Intro
2 All_Weekend F. Vida Jafari
3 Chillen
4 Teach
5 Feeln_U
6 Holditin Out
7 Pop'said
8 Nothn2Free
9 Champagne_Flutes F. Nanna B
10 Outro F. Akeema Zane

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