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LP'er - Pink Siifu - Negro, LP


Pink Siifu - Negro, LP

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Punk inspireret avantgarde projekt fra Pink Siifu.

"In 1968, following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., psychiatrists William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs wrote about the psychological toll of the moment. “People bear all they can, and if required, bear even more. But if they are black in present-day America they have been asked to shoulder too much. They have had all they can stand. They will be harried no more. Turning from their tormentors, they are filled with rage.”

The words come from Black Rage, a text that remains potent nearly five decades later. “If racist hostility is to subside, and if we are to avoid open conflict on a nationwide scale, information is the most desperately needed commodity of our time. And of the things that need knowing, none is more important than that all blacks are angry.” These are the pillars upon which Alabama-born musician Pink Siifu presents NEGRO. Originally titled To Be Angry, the album siphons the repressed ire of Black America. “U are allowed to be angry,” he wrote in a description on Bandcamp. It is a bracing record that is at once crushing and liberating.

NEGRO is about as bold a move as Pink Siifu could have made. It’s a dramatic sonic departure from his debut solo full-length, 2018’s lo-fi rap breakthrough ensley. The messages or politics won’t come as a shock to anyone who has paid close attention to his discography, but it is definitely gutsy to follow your most popular album with your most confrontational one. Siifu sounds nearly ready to explode. The album grabs from hardcore punk, free jazz, and noise music across songs that are fleeting and fervent; 14 of the 20 are under two minutes. In bursts, he performs in defense of looting, in opposition to police violence, and in support of black solidarity. Where ensley was nuanced and interior, NEGRO is intense and riotous". - Pitchfork

Selskab: De Rap Winkel
Release: 2020

A1 BLACKisGod,A ghetto-sci-fi tribute(_G) 1:38
A2 SMD 1:49
A3 FK 3:05
A4 we need mo color. Abundance 3:07
A5 BLACK! 0:25
A6 Adam x Jalen, eye luv u 1:24
A7 ameriKKKa, try no pork. 2:00
A8 run pig run. 1:29
A10 myheadHURT. 0:42
B1 Chris Dorner. 1:09
B2 Nation Tyme. 1:49
B3 homicide/genocide/ill die 2:35
B4 bebe's kids, APOLLO 1:32
B5 dirt 1:09
B6 faceless wings,BLACK! 0:37
B7 blackest LOVE, like paint on tha wall 1:05
B8 steal from the ENEMY 1:08
B9 ON FIRE, PRAY! 3:42
B10 Black Be Tha God, NEGRO.(wisdom.cipher) all praises to ALLAH, A Lady 4:24

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