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LP'er - Lukah - When The Black Hand Touches You, LP


Lukah - When The Black Hand Touches You, LP

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Nyt album fra Lukah.

In an interview with Cvlt Nation, Memphis rapper Lukah traces the origins of his art back to a very personal place. “My grandad…founded this organization/tribe to help heal and educate brothers and sisters. It provides a safe place for African Americans to take an inward journey. What that meant for me was taking a good look at my past self and dealing with it, whether it be trauma, abandonment, racism, depression… After taking a good look at the cause of those things, the process of finding knowledge of self begins.” That philosophy forms the backbone of the gripping When the Black Hand Touches You, a tour de force rap record where grim depictions of violence remain tightly linked to the unrelenting social forces that brought the song’s protagonist to that place. It’s a powerful piece of work: On “Virus,” a highlight, Lukah lays plain the chain of events that led to the biased “war on drugs,” laying bar over incisive bar over a woozy R&B sample; the baleful “Black Coffins” warps a choral sample to eerie effect, the perfect backdrop for Lukah’s haunting meditation on mortality. His rhyme style is perfectly suited to his material: Lukah has a relentless, emphatic flow, and he gives every syllable equal weight, making every line feel urgent and determined. Black Hand is an immersive listen—you can feel it enveloping you as it goes on—and Lukah handles every second of it with a mix of clarity and control that is stunning.

Selskab: Fxck Rxp
Release: 2021

He Went Fed (Produced by CITIES AVIV) 02:08
Auction (Produced by CITIES AVIV) 02:01
Black Cayenne (Produced by LUKAH) 02:39
Black Coffins (Produced by LUKAH) 02:17
Maroon Floors (Produced by CITIES AVIV) 01:59
Ammo/Pearl (Produced by LUKAH) 04:49
Shutters (Produced by LUKAH) 02:35
Negro Pie (Produced by LIVIN) 02:42
Day Dreamin' (Produced by LUKAH) 02:21
Virus (Produced by LUKAH) 03:02
Spree/Filthy (Produced by CITIES AVIV/LIVIN) 04:07 video
Ghost (Produced by LUKAH) 02:24
Sweaters N Summers (Produced by LUKAH) 02:47
Black Dragon (Produced by HOLLOWSOL) 02:56
Black Water (Produced by LUKAH) 02:28
Stages (Produced by CITIES AVIV) 03:28

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