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LP'er - Shuko - Jazzterfield, LP


Shuko - Jazzterfield, LP

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Shuko‘s latest project is a Jazz inspired 90‘s Hip-Hop style instrumental album co-produced with likeminded friends from all over the world such as Anthony Drawn, Ruck P, Hubert Daviz, Dr. Dundiff, Origami, Keymer, Kid Tarô and F. Of Audiotreats. The foundation is always knocking drums with a golden era vibe created on his EMU SP1200. Shuko went even further and replayed classic jazz tunes with live musicians on analog gear from the 70/80s to capture that distinct sound to sample.

Selskab: For The Love Of It
Release: 2020

1. Jazzterfield
2. Wanderlust (feat. Anthony Drawn)
3. Crooklyn
4. Dangling (feat. Ruck P)
5. Autumn Chills (feat. Hubert Daviz)
6. Nagoya Nights (feat. Kid Tarô)
7. Blue Skies (feat. Ruck P)
8. Verao Madness (feat. Origami Beats)
9. O Bem do Mar (feat. Keymer)
10. Kopi Luwak (feat. Dr. Dundiff)
11. Buddy (feat. F. Of Audiotreats)
12. Motel Hours (feat. Kid Tarô)

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