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LP'er - The Custodian Of Records - The Sample Platter, LP


The Custodian Of Records - The Sample Platter, LP

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Born in Philly and raised in Montclair New Jersey, The Custodian of Records is involved into many projects with prominent artists from the underground ”new wave boom bap” scene.
Sitting on a large collection of vinyls for over 20 years and finding his influences from legendary producers like Large Professor, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, The famous Public Enemy production team “The Bomb Squad”, DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill and The RZA from the Wu-Tang, The Custodian cooked up some dope beats with soulful samples and drum breaks with his cherished Akaï MPC2000XL and E-mu SP-12.
Freshly homemade with ingredients from real vinyl samples so no “YouTube shit” like he says.

A selection of 12 tracks made it to his compilation album called “The Sampler Platter”.
The sound reflects perfectly what the Custodian stands for. The album features Estee Nack of Tragic Allies, Vic Spencer, Daniel Son, Milano Constantine (of the D.I.T.C. crew), Flashius Clayton, Sleep Sinatra, Fla-Fla of Sparrow The Movement, Chuck N Lock and SCVTTERBRVIN to name of few.

Selskab: Taha Records / JTLM
Release: 2019

A1 CryoNap
Featuring Chuck N Lock
A2 Good Money
Featuring Flashius Clayton
A3 Currency from Belgium
Featuring Daniel Son
A4 Survivalist Theme
Featuring Sleep Sinatra
A5 Police
Featuring GunDola
A6 Tapioca
Featuring Estee Nack
B1 2 2 Amazing EXTD
Featuring Fla Fla
B2 Anchorman Fight Scene "REMIX"
Featuring Flashius Clayton, Sleep Sinatra, Vic Spencer
B3 Ice Water
Featuring Daniel Son, Milano
B4 Angels and Demons
Featuring Ollie Ox
B5 Coven
Featuring Amatuer Hour
B6 Supreme Mathmatics and Bad Habits

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