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LP'er - Ill Bill - The Early Years: Rare Demos 91-94, LP


Ill Bill - The Early Years: Rare Demos 91-94, LP

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Limiteret vinyl med tidligere numre fra Ill Bill i perioden 1991-94 produceret af Godfather Don, Necro, Goretex, Naughty Shorts, 10K og Ill Bill selv.

Kommer i papcover med stort sticker.

"I’ve been a fan since the records dropped. Back in the day when I was working in the record store and doing pirate radio and spinnin to make a living, I was known for droppin mad Bill and Necro. Back when the first stuff dropped, heads were more into bigger acts, a lotta time on majors. What a lot of headz don’t realise now is that there was a backlash at least over here in the UK against “independents” and that late 90’s scene and in some circles there still is. But for me, to see artists recording whatever the hell they wanted to and then dropping it on their own label, that was the biggest buzz and my inspiration, along with Fondle Em Recs, for what I try to do. To see an idea translate from the home studio to worldwide distribution was a trip. The Braunstein brothers represent that journey perfectly. This is a sound – a category even – Death Rap. Bill took this steez from his earliest demo Economics in 1991 and has run with it for nearly 30 years from Brooklyn to Europe to Japan and beyond. Maximum respect to him, to Necro, to Non Phixion and all the crew. I’m a fan and this drop is a personal achievement for me as an independent label owner. Props to Bill for agreeing to work with Herring and to Eclipse for making it a smooth process. ONE GLOVE".

Selskab: Chopped Herring
Release: 2019

A1 Murder '93
A2 I'm Not Happy '94
A3 Economics '91
A4 Peep The Zoobaz '94
A5 Junkies Wit Gunz '94
B1 EMA '92
B2 Run For Your Life '94
B3 Orgy Of The Damned '94
B4 Peep The Zoobaz '94 (Remix)
B5 One for the Butcher Knife '93

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