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Sly Moon

Why Am I So Sly?, LP

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Sly Moon’s long-awaited debut album answers many questions about one of the most elusive characters in British hip-hop - and poses some questions about him, too.
Like, how can someone already be considered a veteran of underground rap prior to the release of their debut solo record?
Well, being one of the members of the original Children of The Damned line up is how.

Sly Moon’s rare rhymes have been revered since appearing on group projects from Blah Records since 2006. To truly understand the cult heroic nature of the casino dwelling rapper, timeless tracks like Sly Moon Funk and Money On Tap featuring Eliza Doolittle are good starting points.

Sporadic features on Cult of The Damed’s two albums in as many years have been cherished by fans, who have long wondered: what does a solo project from the enigmatic Sly Moon sound like?

The record uses no samples, with production largely handled by Sohio Players, the instrumental mastery of both Sly and Blah head honcho, Salar.
Beats are more than just infused with elements of funk, with bass guitar riffs largely leading the spacey soundscape created. Melodic hooks will catch some Blah followers off guard, as once again the label continues to push the boat out further and further from traditional hip-hop.

Cold Sagging Every Day was uploaded online as a single in 2018. Since then, the mysterious artist has rarely been seen, citing that to his habit of spending weeks at poker tables and only revealing himself when the moon is full.
‘Hmmm… just that, it’s a journey through the moon craters?’ is what Sly Moon came up with when asked to describe the project, letting the most recently released single, video and title track speak for the album itself.

Selskab: Blah Records
Release: 2020

A1 Moon Funk
A2 Gettin Slyer As Time Goes By
A3 Why Am I So Sly?
A4 The Moon Has Risen feat. Lee Scott
A5 Euthianase Ya feat. Bill Shakes
A6 Christ On Spice feat. King Grubb

B1 O Sly Moon (skit)
B2 Cold Sagging Every Day
B3 Paid No Cost
B4 Sly and the Family Stoned feat. Black Josh, Salar, Sleazy F Baby, CLBRKS & Lee Scott
B5 Through The Window feat. Salar
  • Ekstra Information
    Heavyweight Roulette Wheel of Fortune Vinyl
  • Pladeselskab
    Blah Records
  • Release
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Produktet er endnu ikke bedømt
Sly Moon
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