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The Silhouettes Project, 2LP

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Opsamling med med de største upcoming britiske kunstnere indenfor hiphop, soul og jazz. Oplev kunstnere som ofi Stone, Summers Sons, Enny, KeepVibesNear, Manik MC, Lex Amor, Louis The Hippie, Summer-Pearl og Joe Beard.

"Here is the story of the Silhouettes Project as told by its founders Jaden and Asher: „We started The Silhouettes Project in February 2019, to shine a light on the new generation ofunderground Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Soul music in the UK. Community is everything to us, and wewanted to show that with a proper support network, access to professional facilities, and theencouragement of a family of artists, our community could produce something incredible. We felt a joint frustration that the current music scene in the UK only had structures in placeto support talent of a certain genre whilst overlooking a buzzing alternative Hip-Hop culture.We wanted to unify artists who are making ground-breaking music but who are in need of asolid structure to work within - artists who we felt deserved more recognition. This led us tothe name ‘The Silhouettes Project’, as we wanted to shine a light on those artists in theshadows. The journey started by embarking on a collaborative album project which allowed us to bringtogether more than 30 artists on a single tape and to create a network of incredibly talentedartists of the same calibre. The album took more than a year, working almost every day at theRoot 73 studio, a community space in Hackney. We knew from the first few sessions that wewere on to something, and the energy around the project kept it moving. As artists ourselves we understood that the creative process can be challenging and sometimesisolating, especially when there is no clear support network to fall back on. This led us to bringour efforts into the physical realm by organising a series of free live music events for all ofthese artists to come to, showcase their work alongside our house band, and connect witheach other. These events take place at The Total Refreshment Centre in Dalston, anunderground studio complex and warehouse space, which gave the events an intimatecommunity feeling and the people a sense of belonging. There is a desperate need for spaces in which people can come together and develop theircreative potential, especially with the consistent withdrawal of funding from the arts sector inthe UK and with the constant threat of gentrification which has seen the closure of countlesscommunity and grassroots creative organisations. As we grew as a brand and organisation, webegan to fully understand the importance of what we were doing. From the studio sessions tothe events, we saw the impact on people’s outlooks on their own careers, we saw them growin confidence in performing and collaborating and even taking their own initiative to utilise thenetwork provided for them. We heard their feedback, we felt the excitement in theatmospheres at our events and studio sessions, and we saw the community grow every timewe brought it together.“

Selskab: Melting Pot Music
Release: 2020

1. Bel Cobain & Lex Amor - At the Bay (prod. by illiterate) 02:20
2. Manik MC & Elisa Imperilee - July (prod. by Midnight Phunk) 03:13
3. Enny - For South (prod. by Nix Northwest) 02:40
4. Louis The Hippie - Blessings (prod. by Outrageous Claims & Tolushorts) 03:58
5. Summers Sons, Majical & C.Tappin - Free Your Mind (prod. by Slim) 04:09
6. KeepVibesNear & Nix Northwest - What U Need (prod. by Purple Cloud) 03:36
7. Summer-Pearl - Rising (prod. by Alma De La Selva & Paya) 02:44
8. Natty Wylah - Eucalyptus ( prod. by Jkarri) 03:33
9. Kofi Stone & Joe Beard - Like We Used To (prod. by Purple Cloud & Joe Beard)
10. Elisa Imperilee - Closer (prod. by Whoeva?) 03:21
11. Pedro Retro & Meron T - Standin There (prod. by Paya & Kosher) 03:46
12. Kosher & Eerf Evil - Chase It (prod. by Joe Beard & Outrageous Claims) 03:05
13. Turt & Stephanie Santiago - The Process (prod. by Purple Cloud) 03:47
14. Kieron Boothe & Morgan Lorelle – No Peace (prod. by Purple Cloud) 03:36
15. Louis The Hippie - Fruits (prod. by Tolushorts)
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