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The Sharecropper's Daughter Bonus Vinyl, LP

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The Sharecropper's Daughter Bonus Vinyl contains six new tracks serving as a companion piece to Sa-Roc's already acclaimed Rhymesayers debut, The Sharecropper's Daughter, released in October of 2020. These new songs further showcase Sa-Roc’s sharp skills as a lyricist, and her gift for captivating melodies and engaging content, featuring production from Sol Messiah and Evidence, as well as a guest verse from MF DOOM.

The lead single for the bonus vinyl, "Wild Seeds" is a lyrical testament to the beauty, mysticism, and wisdom of the elders and ancestors who’ve guided and bolstered generations of Black women through history’s assault and neglect of them. With a title inspired by the sci-fi novel Wild Seed by visionary author Octavia Butler, the song serves as a celebration of women such as Queen Nanny, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and many others, whose legacies inform future generations of their propensity to bloom under the harshest of conditions. "Just like wild seeds, we remain unfettered and unbroken, adding beauty and immeasurable value to a world that chooses not to acknowledge us," Sa-Roc states, "but our very existence is the only acknowledgment we require."

Throughout the songs of The Sharecropper's Daughter Bonus Vinyl, Sa-Roc maintains a concise blend of thought provoking commentary and razor sharp lyricism. On the opening track, "Options", she delivers a raw and searing testimony of the dedicated yet, all too often, underappreciated artist, reminding us to give our flowers to the living while we’re still able. “The Great Escape” examines humankind’s tendency to try to mask the unsavory elements of our past we’re either unwilling or unable to confront head on. Echoing both sentimentality and sorrow, “Reconstruction of the Heart” recalls some of Roc’s childhood memories and muses on the many ways in which our earliest experiences can scar, strengthen, and shape the very core of who we’ll become.

The Sharecropper's Daughter Bonus Vinyl chapter fittingly comes to a close with “The Rebirth”, which remarks on the plight of the vulnerable artist and the quest for balance between creative transparency and overexposure. Here, Sa-Roc labors through her discomfort and commits to being brutally honest about the experiences that have informed her expression and made her a better artist. Featured guest, the late MF DOOM continues this line of thinking, offering his own unique observations, “Quick as a quitter will fold, some of what glitters is gold. Same story is old, getting left in the blistering cold. Broken souls get remold with little arbitration. Fortune favors the bold as does incarceration.“

This companion piece pulls no punches in showcasing Sa-Roc’s continual growth as an artist who, as NPR recently put it, "is a modern day griot whose aura radiates calm in a world of chaos."

Vinyl packaging includes gold foil lamination jacket housing printed record sleeve with 1x translucent gold, black & white insomnia effect vinyl, marketing sticker and free digital download card.

Selskab: Rhymesayers
Release: 2021

A1 - Options
A2 - Wild Seeds
A3 - Dusty Roads
B1 - Reconstruction of the Heart
B2 - The Great Escape
B3 - The Rebirth (feat. MF DOOM)

  • Ekstra Information
    Translucent gold, black & white insomnia effect vinyl
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