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Future of Lofi Δ1, 2LP

  • Før 279,95Pris ved 1 Stk, 237,96DKK

 På lager - Lev. 1-2 dage
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A journey through different dimensions, space and time: Future of Lofi is our attempt to create a new Lofi sound with our favorite artists. 

Lofi sound as you have never experienced it before: 30 artists accompany you on this journey and show you their vision of how Lofi will sound in the future. 

Check out the story behind this new compilation: 

A sound engineer from Silicon Valley inherits a plot of land near L.A. due to the death of his in-laws. On the property, in addition to a spacious estate and pool, there is also an old barn in which he discovers a DeLorean DMC under a dusty tarp. Upon closer inspection, he notices that there is still an old cassette in the tape deck of the car radio. Curious, he uses his profession to digitize the tape and discovers completely new music that seems very futuristic to him - as if it had traveled 20 years through time. Join this beautiful journey through space and time! On this journey you will be accompanied by 30 artists including Mujo, Flughand, pettersson, Saltyyy V, Burrito Brown, Sátyr, Harry Hawaii, Thelonious Coltrane and many more.

Selskab: Future Of Lofi / Vinyl Digitial
Release: 2021

1. Pettersson, Future of Lofi - Achterbahn 01:55
2. RejSende, Future of Lofi - On The Waves 02:06
3. Moonspatz, Future of Lofi - Cyberisland 02:32
4. Harry Hawaii, Future of Lofi - Dot 02:23
5. Aztrø, Future of Lofi - Destiny 01:50
6. Nicolas Kluzek, Future of Lofi - Rewind your Future 01:37
7. Mujo, Future of Lofi - .wav 01:35
8. Tibeauthetraveler, Future of Lofi - Time Traveler 01:59
9. Sandy Mental, Future of Lofi - Lidari 02:32
10. ilseofbeats, Future of Lofi - rhodestrip 02:04
11. DREVM, Future of Lofi - Retro 02:39
12. Burrito Brown, Future of Lofi - Pear Pressure 02:22
13. Sátyr, Future of Lofi - Lagoon 02:20
14. Otis Ubaka, Future of Lofi - Inner Freedom 03:16
15. Flughand, Future of Lofi - Tio 02:23
16. Leo Low Pass, Future of Lofi - Fabric of Space and Time 02:50
17. Sansimo, Future of Lofi - new planet 02:54
18. Thelonious Coltrane, Future of Lofi - Space Invader 04:27
19. Mnyx´, Future of Lofi - future wave 02:12
20. Pabzzz, Future of Lofi - the way you smile 02:38
21. Ozelot, Future of Lofi - lunar landfill 02:02
22. Cosmic Biscuits , Future of Lofi - A foolish dream 01:43
23. RAZ-One , Future of Lofi - Delorean 02:05
24. Omaure, Future of Lofi - Bitter Sweet 01:59
25. Saltyyyy V, Future of Lofi - Melancholic 01:44
26. Novvel, Future of Lofi - last flight ft. 7&Nine 02:40
27. Alejo, Future of Lofi - Mar azul 02:13
28. Funky Waves, Future of Lofi - Forget U 02:47
29. b l o o p r , Future of Lofi - lizards 01:46
30. This Is Tomorrow, Future of Lofi - 7.2 02:36
  • Ekstra Information
    Opsamling med vild instrumental lo-fi hiphop
  • Pladeselskab
    Future of Lofi / Vinyl Digital
  • Release
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